The Sooty Elf

A childrens novel by Carol Courtneidge

Published py Puddledock Lane Books part of the

Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies

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What’s it all about?

Building work starts at the home of Dean & Angela Clarke.
They arrive home from school to discover an elf amongst the pile of rubble that was once the posh lounge. And he's not best pleased!
Taken aback by their findings, their world soon becomes much bigger as more and more elves are introduced to them, and they all live at Dean & Angela's house.
And what strange names they all have!

Then it gradually dawns on both of the children that all the problems that the builders suddenly experience can be laid squarely at the door of one pesky elf in particular.

How to stop him from making matters worse, how to make sure the builders don't quit, how to make sure the work is finished in time for Christmas?

A bribe!
But what, they know nothing about elves? Other books they've read are no help at all, so they must try to discover it for themselves