The Sooty Elf

A childrens novel by Carol Courtneidge

Published py Puddledock Lane Books part of the

Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies

The Sooty Elf the author the story i need your help elf and fairylympics  competition Books to come

The Sooty Elf 2

(Oh No! Not again!)

Dean and Angela are back fighting the foe, but all is not the same as before.

Why on earth have their parents decided to start another lot of renovations at their house is anyones guess.

Especially after the first fiasco, you would think they would have learnt their lesson by now, but no!

The problem is that Dean is older and proving to be no help to Angela at all, she is fighting it all alone.

And the foe is not the same elf as before, this one is a foreigner, and appears not to speak English, plus Angela cannot understand a word he says and what on earth is that smell?

Snails, strange shaped balloons, incantations, what next?

She soon discovers that another bribe is also in order, but will one elf in particular prove to be a help or a hinderance?

Will an old Aussie connection come good?

Then they receive an unexpected letter from Hannah Brown who is having her fair share of encounters with pixies in her mum’s beauty salon. (see pixie elegance)

Angela has a lot to cope with, can she do it on her own, is there a bribe that will work, who on earth is this new elf, and is this a nationwide epidemic?