The Sooty Elf

A childrens novel by Carol Courtneidge

Published py Puddledock Lane Books part of the

Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies

The Sooty Elf the author the story i need your help elf and fairylympics  competition Books to come

Pixie Elegance

It’s the start of the 6 weeks summer holidays and Hannah Brown is clearing out the stock cupboard in her mum’s beauty salon, when her hand is grabbed by something strange.

When a pair of eyes and a beautiful face appear her world is immediately turned upside down.

Finding a pixie is not really an every day occurrence, but the fact that they exist and then more appear is mind blowing.

And they work right under mum’s feet doing exactly the same treatments on other pixies.  How bizarre!!

To remember the many encounters, Hannah decides to keep a diary.

She had also read ‘The Sooty Elf’ and decides to write to Dean and Angela about her discovery.

Could this be a nationwide search for little people? She decides to involve her best friend but all is not as straight forward as it first appears.

How will she cope?