The Sooty Elf

A childrens novel by Carol Courtneidge

Published py Puddledock Lane Books part of the

Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies

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Carol Courtneidge

Carol started writing books with the intention of helping her childrens school to raise funds but found that she enjoyed it so much that it became much more than a hobby.

Carol lives in a beautiful part of Kent with her family and animals including chickens rabbits and cats.

As well as writing she runs her wedding car business and is a qualified beautician specialising in wedding make-up.

She has also written a series of educational books dealing with teenage problems.

“Inspiration comes in many forms. “


Whilst sitting in the kitchen of my former home one day and deciding whether to have the chimney swept now or later, a picture suddenly leapt into my mind.

I had previously dabbled with a couple of stories which are still in the “creative stage”, but this one just would not stay out of my mind.

Words just flowed, often quicker than I could get them down on paper.

The Sooty Elf was born