The Sooty Elf

A childrens novel by Carol Courtneidge

Published py Puddledock Lane Books part of the

Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies

The Sooty Elf the author the story i need your help elf and fairylympics  competition Books to come

Leaping Leprechaun Travel

Seamus is the youngest child of the owners of a very successful travel agency in Ireland, Leaping Leprechaun Travel.

During the half term in February he is catapulted into a world where the actions of a few elves are systematically destroying his parents fine reputation.

A routine booking to Disneyland Paris turns into something else entirely!

A leprechaun is discovered and appears to be the main culprit.

Why cannot he be seen by adults though?

And its only just February! What on earth awaits the hundreds of unsuspecting tourists who usually pass through their hands?

How can Seamus beat this little pest?

He writes to Hannah at Pixie Elegance.