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Imagine a world where 2 cultures exist, a kind of parallel universe.

One, invisible to the other except for a chosen few with a childish imagination, those who still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Imagine being one of those few, and wanting desperately to tell what youve seen.

Picture a worldwide sporting event where these 2 universes are inextricably linked in spectacular fashion.

A parallel Olympic games, peopled not by athletes but by elfletes and fairies, competing side by side with the real athletes in their own mini Olympics and creating mayhem for the big people at the same time.

A Quirky games, is what can be expected, commented the London Mayor, Boris Johnson when the games were won in 2005. Little did he know how right he was?

An army of special reporters are recruited via the Sooty Elf spyspotter network on the www, to assist brother and sister, Kim and Adam unlock the secrets alluded to in their elder brothers mangey old journal theyd discovered under his bed. The journal written when he still had a childish imagination and wanted to share his sightings at the Back the Bid ceremony in Trafalgar Square where he was first made aware of these little people.

How can these special reporters stop the elfletes from disrupting the biggest thing to happen to London since the world cup in 1966.

Can we possibly compete with Beijing, did they have the interference that was about to descend on London in 2012.

And is there always gold at the end of the Rainbow Games??????

Elf and Fairylympics (Fun and Games 2012)

By Carol Courtneidge

Published by Puddledock Lane Books

Part of the Aisle of Dreams Wedding Cars group of companies